Crestron HR-310 Remote Review

Our Firsthand Look at Crestron’s Newest Remote

Crestron HR-310 Remote Review

Because our ADAPT software is solely dedicated to improving Crestron programming, it would be an understatement to say that we work closely with Crestron. When there’s a new product or feature on the horizon, we’re happy to test it out and provide feedback to Crestron.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship: Crestron gets to hear about any issues before they ship devices to their integrators, and PanTech Design gets to fully integrate the updates into ADAPT so that any ADAPT dealer has access to cutting-edge Crestron features as soon as they are released.

That was definitely the case with the HR-310 remote, which Crestron sent over to the ADAPT team in December prior to the January launch.

The ADAPT team banged on the remote, so to speak, and tested it in pretty much every way possible. 

Our thoughts on the new remote? The quick version is that we love it. 

For a longer review, keep reading!

All-New Crestron HR-310 and TSR-310 Handheld Remotes from Crestron Electronics, Inc. on Vimeo.


Most Impressive Features of the HR-310

Automatic Backlight

The automatic backlight on the remote is one of those subtle touches that shows the Crestron team put a lot of thought and effort into creating the luxury feeling. The auto backlight makes it super easy to see each button in a dark room, which is great for home theater environments.  It even has a light sensor so it can automatically adjust to the environment.  The best part though is it lights up when you pick it up!

Satisfying Button Click

It may seem retro and outdated in today’s touchscreen-driven world, but I have to admit there’s something comforting about the physical buttons on this remote.

The buttons have a nice “click” when you press them, and they’re slightly raised so that you have the tactile feeling as you run your finger across them. Simply put, the buttons are easier to press than the typical touchscreen.

Cohesive Design

This is definitely subjective, but the overall design just feels more elegant. The single-piece form factor just seems better put together, and it feels nice when you hold it in your hand.

Favorites Button

I can see the “Favorites” button being one of the most used on the remote. It allows for channel preset recalls so that the end user can immediately access their top channels without having to remember the exact number.  Of course, with ADAPT you can make this button do whatever you want too!

The Red, Green, Yellow and Blue

Crestron achieved a smaller, easier to handle remote by removing the Red, Green, Yellow and Blue buttons not commonly used but sometimes needed.  The genius part is they’re still on the remote!  Simply press the single “colors” button between the Exit and Last buttons and the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons change their LED indicator and function to be the colors.

Simple Programming

Because Crestron granted the ADAPT team early access to the HR-310, we’ve been able to fully integrate it into the ADAPT platform. The programming process is identical to the existing HR series, so there’s no need to waste time trying to figure out a new method.  You can even swap out an HR-150 with the new HR-310 by simply acquiring it to the same gateway and giving it the same ID.  No programming required!

Conclusion: A Great Remote

The HR-310 gets our vote of approval. We’re curious to know what you think of it, so definitely post a comment here or give us a shoutout on our Facebook or Twitter page!

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