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Before ADAPT

ATI of America started using p | d adapt at the end of 2015. Before standardizing on ADAPT, 80 percent of their business was devoted to creating Savant systems. ATI had one programmer on staff, but they often found themselves needing to outsource extra programming work to a private firm. This was especially true for Crestron projects, which required more time and effort to design than other systems.

ATI of America’s method for programming Crestron systems was to use Home Elements, but they often ran into problems when trying to integrate third party systems such as Lutron or Honeywell. These integrations required significantly longer time for system design, testing, and maintenance, which led the ATI team in search for a better solution.


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ATI of America is a high-end home automation company focused on state-of-the-art technology solutions in the Salt Lake and Park City area of Utah. They specialize in the integration and automation of home systems such as lighting, shading, HVAC, and AV. With 33 employees on their team and 12 years in business, the company averages more than 30 Crestron projects per year.

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“We never looked forward to integrating with third party systems. It required so much troubleshooting. Those systems would typically take a week of programming in the office, then two weeks on site fine-tuning everything, and the real difficulty came in with those third party integrations.”

- Michael Willis, Crestron Programmer at ATI of America

A New Business Opportunity

Beyond the time savings that ADAPT offered to ATI, it also brought to light a new avenue for growing their business: reprogramming old systems.

A customer with a 10-year-old Crestron system was becoming a frequent caller to the ATI support team. The customer had a Crestron system that kept running into little bugs, so ATI had to continue performing service calls. The home automation company contacted the customer and suggested reprogramming the system – not adding anything new, but just redesigning the system to work more smoothly.

The complete reprogram and testing of the system, which included everything from lighting to AV to driveway sensors, took less than a week. It transformed a service nightmare into a system that works quietly, seamlessly, and without any issues. The customer was happy, and ATI could cut down on support man hours.

“Crestron has referred customers to us just to reprogram systems installed by someone else. It has brought in a whole other avenue of revenue for us.”

- Michael Willis, Crestron Programmer at ATI of America
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ATI of America’s business model looks very different now than it did before starting with p | d adapt. Crestron projects make up almost 95 percent of their business, and with the flexibility and repeatability that ADAPT offers, they’re able to get more done in less time. Without the high programming cost associated with Crestron systems, they’re now able to offer the higher-quality Crestron hardware at the same cost level of a Savant or Control4 system.

According to ATI, a project that used to take a week of programming can now be done in two days or less. Even for large-scale projects with 20 TVs and 60 audio zones, ATI has found that programming time expands by a couple of hours instead of a couple of days.
Man using Adapt System Manager application on laptop
Graph showing programming time reduction using Adapt for Crestron

“Business has been picking up like crazy, and while there are a lot of factors that go into that, there’s no denying that using ADAPT does give us way more confidence. We’re not rushed or slammed trying to get programming or testing done for these systems. It made it easier to grow our business.”

- Michael Willis, Crestron Programmer at ATI of America

More Sales Opportunities

Because ADAPT makes it easier to integrate with third party platforms, the ATI team is no longer hesitant to try to sell future upgrades or integrations to customers. The result is more profit per customer. Combined with the addition of their new business avenue through reprogramming old systems, ATI has been able to scale their business with ease.

Support for the Support Team

In addition to the decrease in programming and testing time, ATI also saw a positive impact on their support team. The ADAPT systems require far fewer service calls and ongoing maintenance, allowing their business to stay focused on new opportunities.

All Programming In-House

Instead of outsourcing their Crestron programming, ATI is now able to accomplish everything in-house. Their programmer on staff is able to handle 100 percent of all their system design and testing.

“We’re seeing 60 to 70 percent less service on one of the ADAPT systems versus a pre-ADAPT system.”

- Michael Willis, Crestron Programmer at ATI of America
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