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PanTech Design started because of an ideal. A need to elevate the standard of quality in custom integration. In 2005, we pursued that ideal by creating the company to provide Crestron Integrators a resource for design, engineering and programming. More than a decade later, PanTech Design has completed over 2,000 projects and assembled a team of industry leading experts. Holding fast to our original ideal, we strive to lead our industry through innovation and ever raising the standards of quality in all that we do.


Our team members have worked as integrators, designers, programmers, installers, etc. So, we know that any good project starts with a solid design. And not just a design that works on paper, but a design that is proven and reliable based on years of field and support experience. The process is really simple. Let us know what your project requirements are and our crack engineers will turn it into a working equipment list.


Good documentation is the fulcrum of a well executed project. It puts everybody on the same page and documents all the essential details. But, good project documentation takes time to develop, so it can be intimidating. We can help. As part of your project, we can develop a detailed scope of work and AutoCAD system schematics that will surely impress your clients and help your team execute the project successfully.


Software can make or break a project. PanTech Design was started to elevate the quality of programming services for Crestron integrators. We provide an easier experience for you and a better product for you to deliver to your client. Crestron programming is what we do and our team has over a century of combined experience with Crestron. So not only can we help you get your projects across the finish line, we can get you there with ease.
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It's pretty common for Crestron programmers to build efficiencies in their programming to cut cost and turn around time. But we took that a big step further. When SIMPL# first came on the scene, we saw the potential of the new code language and the new 3 series processors. So, we stripped down everything we were doing and rebuilt it from the ground up. Over 3 years of development, we created a whole new way to program Crestron. What we created, we called Adapt. And Adapt reduced our programming time dramatically without losing any of the custom flexibility Crestron is known for. It was so revolutionary, Crestron convinced us to license it out to other programmers. It also delivered a whole new set of features and functionality. Today, we use Adapt for the projects we program and over 100 other companies license Adapt from us to program their Crestron systems. What can we say, Adapt is just a better way to do Crestron.

    System Manager

    When we developed Adapt, it wasn't just to make us more efficient. We wanted to make you, the integrator, more efficient and less reliant on us. So, we built the whole framework so that many parts of the program are dynamic and can be changed without a programmer. We built our own PC application that enables you and your technicians to connect to a Crestron processor and make changes to the program, on the fly, with some simple point-and-click actions. System Manager is a simple but powerful tool that empowers your team and reduces your dependence on us. And we provide it with every Adapt system that we program for you. Need to change inputs on a switcher, reorder room names on a list, change an icon for a source, or even change the whole look and feel of the home page on the touch screens? No need to call us, your technician can make those changes and many more, in the field, in a matter of minutes.
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