Energy Automation

Energy Automation

What is energy automation?

Increasing demand for energy around the world, and its economic and environmental impact, has created a need for smart, independent, energy management solutions. Solutions that can anticipate energy demands and availability and make informed decisions about how to best utilize energy.

Energy Automation is the convergence of smart home technology and renewable energy management. Renewable energy systems include energy production, intelligent energy storage, and smart breakers. Home automation incorporates control of lighting, shades, climate, and other electronic systems within a home. These separate industries are coming together, for the first time, to address changing global energy needs.

Through strategic partnerships, PanTech Design has assumed a key role with this emerging technology. Leveraging Crestron control hardware, PanTech Design’s innovative ADAPT software communicates directly with Sonnen ecoLinx storage systems, controllable breakers, and other controlled amenities in a home. ADAPT collects data about energy usage, configures Sonnen ecoLinx for energy storage and use, controls smart breakers during power outages and peak demand times, and automates individual devices to shed energy consumption. By coming together, PanTech Design and industry innovators are ushering the world into new age of Energy Automation.
  • Smart Configurable Backup

    Sonnen is, first and foremost, a battery energy storage system. In its most basic function, it provides stored energy when grid energy is absent. Sonnen’s ecoLinx takes this well beyond with intelligent grid awareness and configurable backup settings. ADAPT automates this functionality by alerting the homeowner to grid outages and providing configuration of backup storage reserves. Add in intelligent circuit breakers, and ADAPT can collect data about energy consumption, compare it to energy storage, and provide options to the homeowner based on how long stored energy will last with different energy consumption configurations. Knowledge is, of course, only so much without action. So, ADAPT can then shed loads throughout the smart breakers or individual device control based on the homeowner’s selection.

  • Smart Load Control

    Energy consumption in the world is not consistent through out the day. Peak demand times occur in the morning and the evening, when people are home and using their devices. During peak demand, grid strain is at its highest and utility providers often charge consumers higher rates. ADAPT energy automation works with Sonnen ecoLinx to charge the battery during off peak times and power the home during peak demand. The same applies when a solar system is present. Peak solar energy production is typically in between morning and evening demand times. In the same kind, solar energy is stored when demand is low and discharged when demand is high. ADAPT further optimizes stored energy usage during peak demand times, by comparing available stored energy to power consumption, and shedding unnecessary loads to increase the duration of stored energy.

  • Smart Weather Forecast & Backup

    This Sonnen ecoLinx feature monitors weather forecast information collected by ADAPT to dynamically modify the battery's backup reserve setting. For example, if the ADAPT system detects a severe thunderstorm warning in the user's area, the system will automatically increase the Sonnen ecoLinx unit's energy reserve percentage to 100% in preparation for the incoming storm and potential loss of grid power.

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Beyond Home Automation

 While home automation might not be something that is thought of as a critical necessity, it is an investment in technology that pays dividends over time. Create real gains in safety, security, and energy efficiency throughout your home.

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PanTech Design Announced As Sonnen Brilliance Award 2018 Recipient

 Pantech Design is pleased to announce that they are a recipient of the 2018 sonnen Brilliance Awards based on their dedication to bringing energy automation and clean energy to the home automation industry.  

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