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Reordering lists is easy in System Manager. You can reorder any list you want per user interface. Put lists in geographical, alphabetical or any order you'd like. Your choice.


Naming devices in the system is a snap in System Manager. You have control of every name for rooms, sources, thermostats and many more. The power is yours.


Setting presets in System Manager is extremely fast. Presets for any source can be setup and adjusted. Your customer gets to do this on the UI but you can do it faster with System Manager.


Changing icons for sources and devices is powerful in System Manager. You are able to set and change any icon for any source or device you'd like. Choose from an extensive list of icons based on a theme you choose.


You can change the look and feel of each UI separately or make them all the same. ADAPT has many user friendly Home Page Styles to choose from.


After you've defined all your lists, names, presets, icons, look and feel, and other settings, you simply load the ADAPT file to the processor and you're done. No rebooting and no reloading! It's the fastest you've ever seen these types of changes happen.


If you're programming an ADAPT system yourself, you'll be using the full ADAPT Suite. If you're deploying an ADAPT system programmed by us, you're only going to need System Manager.


You'll be using the full ADAPT Suite.  The suite consists of a module set, touch screen templates, help documents, System Manager and complete example program to follow.  With these tools you'll be able to quickly create a program in SIMPL Windows, prepare your touch screens in VT Pro-e and then use System Manager to load and configure the system. 


You'll be using ADAPT System Manager to load the processor and touch screens with the files we've delivered to you.  After that, you'll use System Manager to customize the touch screens to fit your clients lifestyle.  It's really that simple.

An interesting quandry... You may be thinking "If it's that easy, can I do it myself?" It's a valid question but a loaded one. We would love to explore that with you.

User Interface Features

  • ADAPT puts the power in the users' hands to create, name, and save audio video scenes on their touch screen.
    The system will take a snap shot of all rooms that are currently on. It will then save the source and current volume level for each room.
    This is a great feature for quickly getting a party started or simply waking up in the morning.
  • ADAPT allows the user to quickly select multiple rooms to control at one time. This feature is great for on-the-fly global control.
    The user is presented with a list of rooms to choose from. They can select one or more than one at a time and then select a souce they want to play in those rooms.
    Volume control is grouped together for the selected rooms and can be adjusted quickly and easily.
  • ADAPT allows the user to easily share the currently playing source in a room with one or more rooms in the system.
    The user presses the "share" button and is presented with a list of rooms in the system. Simply choose one or more rooms and as soon as the selection is made, the room(s) chosen will turn on to the source and volume of the current room.
    This feature is especially useful for large systems and multiple users.
  • ADAPT gives the user the ability to have quick access to multiple devices on the Home Page using Home Page Style settings in System Manager.
    The user can have Lights, Shades, Climate, A/V Scenes and more right at their fingertips from the Home Screen.
    Quick access to the currently playing source is also possible on the Home Page. Can you imagine all that wrapped up in one page?
  • ADAPT lets the user adapt the system to their lifestyle giving them the ability to save their own presets for sources.
    A simple guided approach to setting presets is available for sources like DVRs, XM radio, and others.
    Having presets definitely makes the user's experience better with fast access to them in Quick Controls too!

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