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PanTech Design Announces Curb Energy Monitoring Integration with Adapt Energy

PanTech Design Announces Curb Energy Monitoring Integration with Adapt Energy

PanTech Design to showcase new Adapt Energy functionality, new partner integrations, and new Adapt Energy Panel with circuit breaker control.

GRAPEVINE, Texas (PRWEB) September 19, 2019

PanTech Design is pleased to announce a new partnership with Curb, Inc. CURB® will be the exclusive energy monitoring hardware and software used in Adapt Energy systems.

Adapt Energy, which combines reliable hardware and intuitive software, is a unique system that enables homeowners to manage their home energy use. It includes breaker control, event scheduling, weather tracking, energy storage control, and home automation system integration. And, now, thanks to native integration with CURB, Adapt Energy provides real-time energy monitoring.

CURB is the world’s most accurate home energy intelligence system. Through high-resolution sensors connected to the breaker box in a home, CURB monitors everything that uses electricity. It knows which major appliances are turned on and how much power each zone of the house is consuming. Its cloud-based software services process this rich data and share actionable insights with homeowners to help make their homes more energy efficient and save them money on their utility bills.

Troy Morgan, CEO of PanTech Design, commented, “Integrating with Curb brings energy automation to a whole new level. Curb provides the data and Adapt Energy gives you the ability to act on that data. Together, we empower homeowners to take control of their energy!” Erik Norwood, CEO of Curb, added, “The opportunity to turn appliance consumption data into automated energy savings is massive. We’re very excited to be partnering with PanTech Design and believe that this partnership highlights the future of both the smart home and energy industries.”

PanTech Design is a veteran software development firm specializing in residential automation systems and is the creator of Adapt for Crestron® and Adapt Energy.

Curb designs and sells the most powerful and intelligent hardware/software system for visualizing and managing energy. Homeowners can easily identify energy usage patterns, control and maintain appliances, and optimize behavior for significant cost savings. Curb systems are distributed through professional service providers, empowered with cloud-based concierge services to strengthen customer relations and increase profits.

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