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"Do you guys still do Crestron programming?"

With all the things that PanTech Design does, we can sometimes forget to mention all the things that we do.

We were having a conversation with an Adapt dealer who was struggling to keep up with all the projects he had going (good problem to have). His bottleneck was programming. While Adapt made his programmers much faster, everybody has their limits. Then surprisingly, he asked, "Can you guys, help? Do you still program systems?"

We realized, in that moment, that we have not done a good job communicating all the ways we can help you. In addition to our Adapt software for Crestron and our home energy management system, Adapt Energy, we are also a very successful Crestron Services Provider. All three co-exist within PanTech Design, and I would daresay that each could not exist without the others. And each is key to our continued success as company. And many of our clients partake in more than one of the things that we offer. We have many clients who hire us to program jobs, also use Adapt, and have embraced Adapt Energy as a new channel to expand their business.

But back to the point of all this. To make amends, we updated our website and here we are saying that we'd love to help you out and maybe there are more ways we can help than you realized.

Check out our new and improved CSP page.

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