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Energy Comes Home: Adapt Energy + Crestron Home

Energy Comes Home: Adapt Energy + Crestron Home

The home energy space is growing rapidly as more homeowners become conscientious of the environmental and economic impacts of energy use and conservation. In addition, people are looking for more security with their energy as many have experienced some degree of power loss in their homes due to natural disasters, rolling blackouts, and other circumstances out of their control. As a result of these things, homeowners have embraced renewable energy resources, like solar, and home energy storage systems. Home energy monitoring systems have grown in popularity as well, which provide energy use data. While these products have flooded into the market, they have generally remained as standalone systems with little or no connection to the rest of the home and do not provide much in the way of actions to address energy consumption. Home automation and its ability to control environmental systems such as lighting, HVAC, shades, etc., has tremendous potential to aid consumers in energy conservation and management. But, these two industries, home energy and home automation, have generally remained a world apart.

"Do you guys still do Crestron programming?"

With all the things that PanTech Design does, we can sometimes forget to mention all the things that we do.

We were having a conversation with an Adapt dealer who was struggling to keep up with all the projects he had going (good problem to have). His bottleneck was programming. While Adapt made his programmers much faster, everybody has their limits. Then surprisingly, he asked, "Can you guys, help? Do you still program systems?"

15 Years of PanTech Design

Troy reminsces about the past 15 years and reflects on what PanTech Design means to him.

15 Years of PanTech Design

When I decided to start a business, I asked myself all the same questions people who start a business ask. “Will I make it? Will the business thrive? Is it the right time? What happens if…” While, there weren’t any clear answers to those questions, there was one thing that kept coming back to me. To have a successful business you need customers who come back to you for your services.

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